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From: Skylar (
Date: 07/04/96

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996, Billy H. Chan wrote:

> So, the whole 'consider' command, in my opinion, is flawed.  You could
> estimate it's THACO, AC, etc., but then, you'd have to be pretty high 
> level to do it.

I agree.

> It also takes the guess work involved out of the game.  First time you
> come up to an Orc (think back to when you were... 11, playing your first
> D&D game).  All you had to go by (unless you cheated and looked in the DMG)
> was it's description.

Thats a good point... if you've got EXCELLENT builders who can describe mobs
accurately, and in relation to other mobs in the world, you should get along
just fine without a consider command at all.  Even if it requires the look-
at description to fully describe how wicked a mob is, you would have needed
to get up close to use consider anyway, so its pretty fair.  The trick is,
getting those excellent builders... harder to come by these days than good

> So, it would make more sense to write 'consider' as a brief synopsis of the
> monster:  "It's much bigger than you.  It looks fairly well armored."  and
> maybe a "I wouldn't do it if I were you."

I think the only thing I'd want in there would be a basic size/strength/dex
comparisson, and possibly an indicator of attack type...

"Its a little bigger than you, probably stronger too, but not quite as 
fast.  Its sharp claws might prove dangerous."

BTW: IMHO An rp-mud has more atmosphere without levels and thac0...


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