Re: act substitution codes

From: Sammy (
Date: 07/04/96

On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Ron Hensley wrote:

> One other small one.
> socials.doc tells me to look at all the wonderful documentaion for act() 
> to get the list of all the substitution commands to use in socials
> I.E $m $N $n $s etc ......
> Where is the list of all the available codes and what they do?

In the act() function, of course :)

I added social code docs to the end of the socials.doc file I send to 
peple who want to learn how to write socials.  Here's the addition (feel 
free to include this in standard circle distribution):

function         player     victim     example
--------         ------     ------     -------
name              $n         $N        $n poke $N in the ribs.
                                       You poke Jabber in the ribs.(you see)
                                       $n pokes $N in the ribs.
                                       Samedi pokes Jabber in the ribs.
                                                                (others see)
                                       Samedi pokes you in the ribs.
                                                               (victim sees)
him/her/it        $m         $M        You lick $M.
                                       You lick her.
                                       $n hugs $mself.
                                       Samedi hugs himself.
his/her/its       $s         $S        $n kiss $S hand.
                                       You kiss her hand.
                                       $n checks $s wallet.
                                       Samedi checks his wallet.
he/she/it         $e         $E        $n lick $N, and $E licks you back.
                                       You lick Jabber, and she licks you back.
                                       $n thinks $e's cool.
                                       Samedi thinks he's cool.


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