[Re] OFF-TOPIC: License question...

From: ShadowLord (dkoepke@california.com)
Date: 07/04/96

On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Jeeves wrote:

> Actually *running* a mud has little to do with coding. He's not 
> saying his code is all that great, he's just saying that the space to 
> run the mud on be expensive. I think that the license *is* too strict 
> as far as donations are concerned. Donations can go a long ways 
> towards better server equipment and other such niceties.

Hm, if you run your site or have any say in it, sell shell accounts.  I
don't have a problem with the DIKU license and not even the Circle license
(even though they are the same things, just the CircleMUD license leaves
less up to the imagination :)) -- but then, I've never had to pay for a
site [some of us are just lucky].  I think the point is that they are
giving away their work and the point is lost if people are asking for
"donations" when they've got second-rate, near-stock MUDs with some cheap
hacks that detract from the overall fun and playability of the game.  If
donations were allowed, you'd have everyone running near-stock MUDs that
are alway in need of donations for "hardware upgrade." (eg., so the people
running it [I'm not going to call them implementors] can line their
pockets).  There's too many problems that present themselves when you
allow people to accept donations at their MUD.  Maybe not to the original
authors, but to the overall MUD community (I use the term, "community,"
very loosely).  Sure, some people could honestly use the money to upgrade
hardware or buy new hardware when some of it inevitably fails from MUD
growing pains, the site admin screwing up major, whatever else people
claim was the reasoning.  But those would probably be far and few in

Just a hypothetical situation... :)

> > Bleh... and I thought you were pretty lame for spamming the list with 
> > ads and numerous followup posts about a commercial mud site (which most 
> > ISP's have been offering for years). This really takes the cake, posting 
> > ways you've discovered how to "get around" the circle and diku license 
> > agreements... I want to puke!  
> It's not getting around anything, it's only a few fundraising methods 
> you can use to gain the capital necessary for expansion. It's not 
> about profit, it's about making a good mud physically better. Think 
> about it.

I agree here.  The attitude in his response lost the point.  Hades point
was not to beat the license (as he did, indeed say), but to allow you to
make profit off of having a MUD without making profit directly from the
MUD.  It's not illegal to sell T-shirts with your MUD's name and address
on it or any of that.  Nor is it lame.  It's actually a quite good idea so
you can get the money neccessary to keep a good MUD running with an
expanding world, code, and player base.  It'd be lame to pull out legal
loopholes in the actual license so you can profit from running the MUD...


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