Auction code

From: George (
Date: 07/05/96

I've just uploaded the auction.c file to to make it
easier to obtain and made a small change in the code as well.

The send_to_all calls I used previously were removed and replaced by
a AUC_OUT(txt) macro call which you can change.  It currently
places AUCTION: at the, (oops, the end, gotta re-upload it) ;), well it
will place AUCTION at the beginning of the string to make it appear as:

AUCTION: Bob bids 5000 coins for a small sword.

I've also included a macro for a descriptor-based output based on the
one used by the auction command itself which will result in a better
output than the send_to_all one.

I ran it thought GCC and compiled fine with both macros so should be no

-George Greer of Dragon'Spire

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