2 questions

From: Brian Burrell (irbsh@montana.com)
Date: 07/05/96

2 questions...

anyone ever been able to figure out that dup bug?

i have 2 imp's on my mud(that's it) and the one that's not me is barely
on...  but through my use someone i triggered the dup bug... and when i
tried to 'fix' the situation (try to get rid of the dup eq for good while
online) it just crashes...  no biggie i killed the plrobjs.. 
just wondering if anyone else has made any progress into this subject

secondly..  i don't see why (i've looked over my code again and again) but
has anyone ever ran into a bug where you can no longer see who your
fighting if you type 'look' during the fight?      i would amagine... it
would be in the if fighting part at list_char_to_char in act.informative.c

only i've looked over that part .. and in fact have never changed it..

any guesses at where else to look for the answer to this problem?


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