Re:2 questions

From: Sammy (
Date: 07/18/96

On 18 Jul 1996, Tyler Wilhite/FASTTAX wrote:

> >I'm not sure I understand what you're describing, but if you're standing 
> >in the zone you want a list on, and zlist rooms shows no rooms, zstat the 
> >zone and make sure the top vnum is correct (normally 1299 for zone 12, etc).
> I went into zone 30.  I was editing it.  I just tried to type zlist room 
> again.  Still it said there were not any rooms.  I typed zstat and it said
> Warning, the room you are in doesn't belong to any zone in memory.
> Well, I won't confuse anyone with what I think, I will just tell you what i 
> see.  

Ah ok I thought I mentioned that in the readme but maybe not.  Since you 
removed all zones except 0, 12, and 30, 30 becomes the higghest zone, 
which happens to cause problems with obuild because I haven't found the 
motivation to fix the arrays in the zone editor.  You can fix this by 
creating zone 326, and then never touching it.


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