Re: 'add' function (obj)

From: Brian Burrell (
Date: 07/05/96

d/l the oasisOLC source... look in oedit.c .. it has some code that is in
single function for creating a new object (which filles in all the blanks
with defaults name:unfinished object etc)

heh or even better.... just install OasisOLC available at or

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Nick wrote:

> Hello again
>   About a week ago I posted a request similar to this one in which I included
> code that I made for a certain function (explained below) that I needed someone
> to find a bug in.  Basically, the situation is this:  I need a function (which
> I called 'add') that when you do something like 'add obj 15' would add (Create)
> a new object with a VNUM of 15.  The code that I wrote would create a blank
> object in your inventory and would claim to add successfully, but there was a 
> problem - when i tried to 'load obj 15' after i created it, it claimed there
> was no such object.  So, after spending hours trying different solutions, I
> gave up.  (I don't want to install Obuild or Oasis or anything, I just need
> this one little section of it.)  I did look at obuild/oasis, but the method
> that they used was almost exactly like mine... can someone tell me how to make
> a new object register as a real_object?  If you want to see my code that I have
> so far, ask and I'll post it so you can analyze it. =)
> thanks again

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