Re: QUESTION: More versatile exits?

From: Steve (
Date: 07/05/96

On Fri, 5 Jul 1996, Charles Canning wrote:

> I was just wondering why you would store the exit name (char *linkname)for 
> linking purposes. It would be easier, and a lot less costly to just store 
> the vnum of the room that the exit links to. (This is how it appears to 
> be regularly *not sure*). This is just my 2 cents worth. Also, it would 
> make the coding a lot simpler too.

The "linkname" is also to be saved in the .wld file, so that when the mud 
is done booting the database it runs through all the exits finds what 
room they link to. Then it finds an exit with the name the same as 
"linkname" in the room that the original exit connects to, it then sets 
the pointer *link to that exit so that when you open a door on on exit, 
it will open the door on the corresponding exit. Because with variable 
exit names north doesn't necessarily link to south, and 'through the 
gate' doesn't link to south in the other room.


(p.s. i occasionally have my mud up at 4000 for 
those people who are confused about what i'm talking about.)

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