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Date: 07/05/96

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Edge wrote:

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> Subject: Re: QUESTION: More versatile exits?
> 	I dont quite get what you're saying. Chances are, when you leave
> the room you are going to go north, south, east or west (possibly
> intermediate dirs) to get to the next one, which is why i dont see how its
> not done well. What do you mean the exit can be anything? Are you saying i
> can leave 'goat' and go into a room to the left of me? And its pretty
> hard, well impossible to do something like that without modifying source
> at all. If you are more specific perhaps people can help.. and say what
> the different uncompat 'thing' was.
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I think he was referring to how the exits currently in circle are static.
I.E.  unchangeable without hard coding them into the code itself.  If you
want to understand the dynamic exit concept, take a look at one of the
lp muds.  So each exit has a name rather than being a set direction... so
you could, in affect, leave 'goat' but you would be leaving through a
direction called goat which would not be left,right, up, or down, but would
be a direction called goat. :)

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