Re: Abbreviations for objects, mobs and players.

From: Alex (
Date: 07/06/96

> I'll take your word for it.  But what if there are two mobs in the room,
> mobwithaverylongname and mobwithanevenlongername?  Both match "kill mob"
> precisely according to your function.  I guess you just automatically kill
> the first one?
That is exactly the way Circle works right now too, two things with the
keyword 'goblin' in the room, 'kill goblin' will always get the first...
however, you can use 'kill 2.goblin' to get to the other...

> Even better:  two mobs in the room, one named "thisismob1" and the other
> named "thisismob1.5".  A player types "kill thisismob1".  Again, it
> depends on the ordering; otherwise, it's impossible to kill that mob.
Not at all impossible, notice the above 'kill 2.this' (=

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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