OFF-TOPIC C: delete_doubledollar

From: Ground Zero Enterprises (
Date: 07/06/96

Would some nice person be nice enough to take some time out of thier busy 
day to explain what the functionality of this is and how it works.  I 
have been trying to figure it out, but without knowing what it is doing, 
I can't figure out how it's doing it and vice-versa :P

char *delete_doubledollar(char *string)
  char *read, *write;

  if ((write = strchr(string, '$')) == NULL)
    return string;

  read = write;

  while (*read)
    if ((*(write++) = *(read++)) == '$')
      if (*read == '$')

  *write = '\0';

  return string;

Thanks alot,

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