Re: OFF-TOPIC C: delete_doubledollar

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 07/07/96

On Sun, 7 Jul 1996, Sammy wrote:

> Now that I look at this, it kinda seems like a triple dollar sign will 
> turn into a double.  I've never bothered to find out why we need to kill 
> double dollars, so I don't know if it matters.  *shrug*

The 'act()' function won't take kindly of players using act() codes in
anything passed through act() -- it makes it fair too easy to crash the
MUD like that, and in CircleMUD 2.2 it doubled all the inputed dollar
signs so act() won't be fooled by it.  This, of course, was a "major
annoyance" to players, but the doubling of the $ was still neccessary.
So, in comes the delete_doubledollar() function to delete the doubled
dollar signs.  Since act() has this functionality already (replacing a
'$$' with a '$'), delete_doubledollar() is used in functions that perhaps
need the act() codes in them.  [For instance, if you write a social action
editor or message file editor online -- or allow poofin/poofout to contain
the $n code...]


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