Re: Spec_Proc

From: James Rutledge (
Date: 07/07/96

This isn't really formal code, but should give you an idea on
how to do it.  In the main mob's proc, have something like
this :  (it may be buggy, this is just on the fly):

#define helper1	500
#define helper2 501
#define helper3 502
/* define the vnums for 3 helper mobs who should be in room */
if (FIGHTING(ch) == NULL)
/* okay, we know the mob is fighting somebody
   put in your own target-modding stuff here, then
   when you know who your victim is, use do_assist() to make
   the helper mob(s) assist the main. one.  Look at the definition
   for ACMD() funcs to see how to call it, or look up a stock
   spec_proc like Puff (uses do_say) */

That should give you enough info to do it.. Not hard at all..


On Sat, 6 Jul 1996, Wu Tang Clan wrote:

> Anyone have or seen a proc that does the following
>   There are 5 mobs in a room One Main Mob and 4 helper mobs
>   if you attack one of the helper mobs nothing happens, but if you
>   attack the main mob the helper mobs assist him...
> Thanks Wutang

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