a couple of questions

From: Kevin Wing (wing@one.net)
Date: 07/08/96

        Two quick things:

1.  I recently went to 50 levels on the testing mud I have, and everything
went in fine, I advance myself to level 54 and all.  My problem is, autowiz
seems to have died.  Wizlist will still give the box about not stealing from
the immortals and all, but there is no listing underneath this.  Not even
the breakdown of Imps, Gods or anything.  Even without any immortals it
should list the categories.  I looked through autowiz and couldn't find
anything that wasn't based on the standard LVL_IMPL declarations.  Any ideas? 

2.  Has anyone imped a system that sets the max exp a mortal can gain to
less than what the need to immort.  I want to be able to control who immorts
and who doesn't, and the way I've looked at doing this is to allow the
mortal to get all the exp needed, except for one point, an imp would the
advance them, based on their record on the mud.  I don't want someone that
knows a few tricks to be immorting in two days on my mud, I want to have
immorts that have put in their time at least.  

                                Any ideas are appreciated...


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