Re: Zone Command?

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 07/08/96

> I don't understand how 'if-flag' works in zone command.
> I already read 'building.doc', but still I don't understand.
> In the document, Building.doc, it says "If if-flag for a command is 1,
> that command is only executed if the command immediately before it was
> excuted as well." What it means by this?

It means exactly what it says: when the muds executes the reset_zone
function in db.c, it goes through the commands in one of your .zon files
one at a time...  If a command has an 'if-flag' of 1, then that command is
COMPLETELY IGNORED if the previous command didn't finish successfully...

for instance:
M 0 (rest of values here)
E 1 (rest of values here)

if you try to load a certain mob, but it doesn't load (for instance, the
number of mobs of that vnum in the world is greater than the maximum
number you allow in the 'M' line), then the E command will be ignored.
You want this so you don't get things like:
  SYSERR: Attempted to equip non-existant mob
all of the time.

Brian Pape

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