Re: Ticks not updated, knowing why.

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 07/08/96

> bugs' out of the mud I code on, unfortunately I'n receiving those damn
> "TICKS NOT UPDATED" automatic shutdown things now. It's my understanding
> that all causes to such a 'bug' should not exist in the straight
> circlemud code (the mud is based on bpl8). The mud has been pretty
> heavily modified though, and thus the most probable cause for this 'tick
> error' would be some part of the code that I've added.
> In the proccess of debugging the mud I used some of the GDB scrips that
> were strewn arround here lately, and made a few modifications to the
> interpreter.c, so that I get the LAST executed command, the room in which
> is was executed, the arguments, and the players name. All this functions
> nicely, but ermm.. It's helped me to debug the few real 'crashbugs' which
> were difficult to find in anything but constant play, but now I'm faced
> with the reality, that I can't figure out whats wrong.. *sulk*

gdb isn't necessarily that helpful in these instances...  when you get the
'tick not updated' shutdown, it's usually because you have written an
endless loop somewhere.  Try to remember when this started happening, then
find the code that you've added since then, and check to see that you
don't have infinite loops...  You might want to add some debugging so that
the muds writes to the syslog every once in a while in any suspicious
loop- there might be a logic error that exists that you just aren't

for (i=10;i;i--)
  for (j=10;j;j--)

Brian Pape

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