MSVC++/Diffs and patching

From: Jeffrey D. Frey, Jr. (
Date: 07/09/96

Well, I have recently switched over to using MS-Visual C++ and I'm 
quite happy with the results.  It is not as quick as my FreeBSD 
system, but now I don't have to have the extra partition and I don't 
have to continually switch OS's for everything I do.  

Anyways, my coders and I have been using a patching system that has 
seemed to work quite well.  Everyone has a master_src and a src 
directory.  They make their changes to src and produce a diff file 
from the master_src.  They then send that to me.  From everyone's 
patches I make a master patch that gets sent to everyone to apply to 
their master_src directories and then copy over to src.  This makes 
it so we don't have to continually be sending the whole source trees 
to my coders and we don't have to code on the system that the mud is 
running on.  

As you can see, we use diff, and patch quite a bit.  I downloaded the 
win-32 gnu files for these but they are terrible.  I could not get 
them to work for the full directories, just specific files.  If 
anyone has any suggestions on how we can continue to use this sytem 
and produce good unified diff files (not all my coders are using 
MSVC++), I would really appreciate it.  Also, if you know of any good 
tar and gzip/gunzip utils that will work with 32 long filenames I 
would appreciate that too.

Jeff 2150

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