Re: MSVC++/Diffs and patching

From: R. Seth Trotman (
Date: 07/10/96

Uh, well. . .as one of your coders, Jeff. . .
Winzip 6.1 works great to extract tar and gzip/gunzip files, though
I haven't used it to create them.  The gnu_diff works well for me,
I just change to the mud directory and diff src master~1 > patch.txt.
Don't have an answer on patching, though.  Visual diff/merge only
does a single file at a time, as I can see.  I'll let ya know if I can 
find anything out there. :-)

Oh!  the only problem I see with gnu diff on a Win95 box is that it
doesn't support long filenames.  But, that's easy enough to edit
by hand. :-)

See ya on!


> From: Jeffrey D. Frey, Jr. <>
> To:
> Subject: MSVC++/Diffs and patching
> Date: Tuesday, July 09, 1996 6:48 PM
> Well, I have recently switched over to using MS-Visual C++ and I'm 
> quite happy with the results.  It is not as quick as my FreeBSD 
> system, but now I don't have to have the extra partition and I don't 
> have to continually switch OS's for everything I do.  
> Anyways, my coders and I have been using a patching system that has 
> seemed to work quite well.  Everyone has a master_src and a src 
> directory.  They make their changes to src and produce a diff file 
> from the master_src.  They then send that to me.  From everyone's 
> patches I make a master patch that gets sent to everyone to apply to 
> their master_src directories and then copy over to src.  This makes 
> it so we don't have to continually be sending the whole source trees 
> to my coders and we don't have to code on the system that the mud is 
> running on.  
> As you can see, we use diff, and patch quite a bit.  I downloaded the 
> win-32 gnu files for these but they are terrible.  I could not get 
> them to work for the full directories, just specific files.  If 
> anyone has any suggestions on how we can continue to use this sytem 
> and produce good unified diff files (not all my coders are using 
> MSVC++), I would really appreciate it.  Also, if you know of any good 
> tar and gzip/gunzip utils that will work with 32 long filenames I 
> would appreciate that too.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
> 2150

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