Re: Error in act.wizard.c / *NEWBIE?* Help with whogroup command

From: Niese-Petersen (
Date: 07/10/96

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Carlos Rodriguez wrote:

>   I found there is a small error in act.wizard.c
>   When you degrade someone, he is supossed to get the message "You 
> feel somewhat diminished". However, it is you who receive the message. 
> To correct this, find these lines in act.wizard.c, in do_advance:
> *     send_to_char("You are momentarily enveloped by darkness!\r\n"
> *                    "You feel somewhat diminished.\r\n", ch);
>   and change them to:
> *  act("You are momentarily enveloped by darkness!\r\n"
> *      "You feel somewhat diminished.\r\n", FALSE, ch, 0, victim, TO_VICT);

Actually.. All you really got to do, is change 'ch' in the send_to_char
with 'victim' .. Much easier than using act() since it is a simple text

>   By the way, I'm trying to do a 'whogroup' command that would show which 
> characters are grouped and who is the leader of each group. However, I 
> don't know how can I manipulate the k->followers and k->master variables 
> to show me all the groups in the MUD. Any ideas?

Here is how I would do it:

ACMD(do_whogroup) {
   extern struct descriptor_data *descriptor_list;
   struct descriptor_data *d;
   struct follow_type *f, *next;

   strcpy(buf, "\0"); /* "clear" our buf string */
   /* Check all descriptors in game.  */
   for(d = descriptor_list; d; d = d->next) {
      /* Does descriptor have a character and is it PLAYING and got followers
         but no master [No master == Must be a master]  */
      if(d->character && !STATE(d) && d->character->followers &&
                                     !d->character->master) {
        /* Lets get the name of the master and add it to our buf string */
        strcpy(buf1, "%s is followed by:\n\r", GET_NAME(d->character));
        strcat(buf, buf1);
        /* Check who is following */
        for(f = d->character->followers; f; f = next) {
          next = f->next;
          /* Add the followers name to our buf string */
          strcpy(buf1, "%s%s", GET_NAME(f->follower), (!next ? "\n\r" : ", "));
          strcat(buf, buf1);
	/* Give us an empty line */
        strcat(buf, "\n\r");
   /* Send it to the user of the command. Could ofcoz use the pager too:
      page_string(ch->desc, buf, 1);                                    */
   send_to_char(buf, ch); 

Hope this works for you :)

Erik Niese-Petersen
Aka Quint the Typo God
Realms of Darkness IMP [ 6666.  Playertesting]

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