Req: CODE: Animate Dead

From: Brian Williams - Nashak (
Date: 07/10/96

I was wondering if anyone had a good Animate Dead spell... i.e. depending 
on the level of the caster, you get a different monster.. i.e. 
lich/zombie/skeleton/wraith/vampire... and depending on the corpse's 
x-level.. how powerful the mob is.. also.. if anyone has a conjure 
elemental spell, where you get a random elemental.. just so it summon a 
random mob with random hp.. but you can define the mobs it summons.. that 
would be nice also.. or just something where you can summon a rnadom mob 
so I can make my conjure elemental/animate dead spells.. :P

   Nashak			Brian Williams		The Realms of Luminari 6969

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