Re: [CODE] Event Queue (LONG)

From: Daniel C. Cotey (
Date: 07/10/96

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira wrote:

> On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Alex wrote:
> > On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira wrote:
> > > Anyway, the point is that some README file with what does the code do 
> > > *exactly* (I thought the README in the ftp site was meant for that) is 
> > > missing, as well as the new relations in the Makefile...
> > > 
> Hehe, well, it was not so much a gripe against you than it was against 
> the posters..:) I think you've done a wonderful job these past days with 
> the site (which was a mess) and it is understandable what you do with the 
> README files (I had noticed, since there is one that contains the whole 
> code in the README and is posted twice..:)
> Actually the people who have to take care making README files are the 
> posters. In the topic, I know that they are giving the stuff for free, 
> but you can never complain too much.
> Greets and have fun!

	If you don't include a comprehensive README with your files
newbies aren't going to download it then pester you with whiney email
asking how to add files to a makefile so they get compiled, and varoius
other shit that fills up your mail box.  (in case you can't tell, I think
its a good idea for people to read code to find out what it does.) 

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