Improving skills with use

From: Nomad (
Date: 07/10/96

Here's the way I do it... If the player fails the skill, I run them 
through this so they get a chance to improve at it.  It's primitive but 
good enough to give you an idea hopefully...

void improve_skill(struct char_data *ch, int skill)
  int percent = GET_SKILL(ch, skill);

  /* Check against wis to see if they learn */
  if (number(0, 170) > GET_WIS(ch))
  /* Make sure they're in the right range */
  if (percent >= 95 || percent <= 0)

  percent = MIN(95, percent + number(5, 10));
  SET_SKILL(ch, skill, percent);
  send_to_char("You have learned from your mistakes.\r\n", ch);


On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Brian Williams - Nashak wrote:

> or something.. =) if so.. could you please post the actual void learn() 
> command? I sure would enjoy it.. :P if not.. anyone have any hints on how 
> to do this? and make it so only like.. every 20-30 times you dodged it'd 

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