magic.c and saving throws

From: Bill Romano (
Date: 07/10/96

First of all, thanks to all who have helped me so far with the newbie ?'s
i have posted *8).

Second .. here is another one...

I am adding classes to bpl 11, and am following class.doc.  now we have
races properly imped and 200 levels so it is a bit question is
this.  The savings throws in magic.c havent been updated yet, but it has
not yet crashed the mud, we have some playtesting done, so i know this
should have been checked, not being very c literate, i would assume if it
tries to find an array value outside the limit it would crash the mud.

Are these values still used?  i.e. do i need to update them to our 200
level system for any reason other than "doing the right thing"

- Ghost Shaidan
aka Bill

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