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From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/11/96

> Oh..and does anyone have any code for a circle (thief) and an assassine 
> (theif) skill? Would appreciate that to!

I don't have the circle, but I have an interesting assassinate skill for 
my assassin class.  The victim must NOT be able to see the assassinn 
(blinded, or invis...or a few other ideas I am working on, but not 
finished) and damage is minimmum 9 times damage, depending on level.  
It's a fairly high level skill, and not easily used (ie, can be easily 
foilded by detect invis and staying non-blind) but it can use ANY weapon 
(not just piercing weapons)  It's basically a modification of the 
backstab code without the weapon check and a CAN_SEE check.  I can dig it 
up if you want...that's if I still have it (it may have been lost with 
NoMUD's crash...I can't remember if I re-made it or not)

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I am trying to implement code into my modified circle 3.0 patch 11 source to 
allow anyone to be able to damage/repair buildings ie (you could attack/burn 
buildings) and it would do damage, and at a certain point the building would be 
rendered useless until repaired.   I was wondering if anyone has tried this, 
and if they have, would they like to give me any pointers/code on how to go 
about doing this.

Anyhelp would be appreciated!


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