CODE:Obuild.06.pl11 Mstat glitch..

From: William Elwartowski 4556 (
Date: 07/11/96


I am experiencing some difficulty with Obuild.06 in circle30bpl11.

The problem is this, if you are editing a mob <ex medit 1202> and type mstat
all by it's lonesome the mud crashes.  No message in the syslog.CRASH or any 
other indicators.  If you were to type mstat 1202 it would show you the data
before you edited. 

I have attached the code form pertaining to mstat and objstat in the 
hopes of a missing "{" or ";" being noticed by someone else, I didn't see any 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If this is a common error please send 
your responses to the list, if it is not please only send them to


Fireleaf aka William


I am also working on adding the wpn.w.spell into oedit. 

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