Re: CODE:Obuild.06.pl11 Mstat glitch..

From: Sammy (
Date: 07/12/96

On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, William Elwartowski 4556 wrote:

> I am experiencing some difficulty with Obuild.06 in circle30bpl11.
> The problem is this, if you are editing a mob <ex medit 1202> and type mstat
> all by it's lonesome the mud crashes.  No message in the syslog.CRASH or any 
> other indicators.  If you were to type mstat 1202 it would show you the data
> before you edited. 

Go back to the circle ftp site and grab a copy of obuild.06.bugfix.  I 
just put a new one up a few weeks ago with the mstat fix.  It's real 
simple, just a matter of adding a line of code.


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