Re: Mailing List FAQ

From: James Rutledge (
Date: 07/12/96

50+ messages a day?  I dunno about you, but I usually only get maybe 20
or so a day, and even then, like 70% are actual on-topic posts.. I
personally don't think we really need a FAQ for the mailing list itself,
however a faq composed of frequently asked questions *on* the mailing
list would be a bit more useful.


On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, the count wrote:

> :P On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, James Rutledge wrote:
> :P > As far as the FAQ being posted bi-weekly, since this list doesn't
> :P > generate an extremely high traffic rate, it would save bandwith and
> :P > the like to just post it monthly.  Just my opinion...
> *cough*
> NOT high volume?!  50+ messages a day is not high volume?
> *boggle*
> (is that analogous to the US senator who considers middle class to be
> those who earn between $350k-$700k? and because he only makes $250k,
> he therefore considers himself lower class? ;)
> and yes, i know lists like M:tG generate a lot more traffic, but then
> all the other mailing lists that i myself am on are only on the order
> of a dozen or so messages a WEEK, so i guess it's all relative :P
> :P I'd personally like to get a pointer to it into the CircleMUD mailout
> :P that you get when you join the list... but I have no idea whatsoever
> :P who is in charge of that anymore... anyone out there know?
> good idea - maybe this combined with a once-a-month posting would do
> the trick (how many people save that initial mailing anyway? ;)
> if not, than twice a month might be more in order.
> or, maybe just a short note every week or two giving a pointer, so
> that you aren't actually sending the entire bloody thing every time,
> thereby saving everybody a lot of grief...
> :P --
> :P Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.
> what a brilliant, succint .sig - best i've seen on the net so far :)

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