From: Sammy (
Date: 07/12/96

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Eric Pilcher wrote:

> I'm looking at adding OLC to my code.  Can anyone tell me the advantages
> and disadvantages of Oasis over Obuild (and vice versa)?

I still haven't had the time to check out oasis for myself, but as I 
understand it, Oasis is much easier to learn.  Obuild is all cryptic 
command-line stuff and is tough to pick up unless you've got an 
experienced user to show you the ropes.  I think the main advantage of 
Obuild is that I've tried to design it for speed-building.  Most of the 
new features recently have been to add tools to allow builders to 
eliminate some of the tedious stuff and concentrate on creativity.

The main disadvantages of obuild are the steep learning curve, the buggy 
zone reset editor, and the missing shop editor (which isn't going to be 
available any time soon).  I'm considering some ideas to make learning it 
easier, possibly with a menu interface to complement the comman-line.  
Also, if you're just getting it and would like some help learning how to 
use it, try for some great docs written of 
Beosig of Slanted Reality.  I'll put those in the circle ftp site soon.  
If you're still confused, drop me a line and I may be able to persuade 
an obuild expert to give a quick tutorial :)


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