Re:CODE: building damage

From: oMaT (
Date: 07/12/96

At 5:36 PM 7/12/96, Tyler Wilhite/FASTTAX wrote:

>So, rooms would have some type of way of allowing damage to be done to a
>room, and possibly any room adjacent to the room burning.  As you can see,
>more or less going to be players being able to run through a town/area and be
>able to torch the place, making it useless until someone repairs it.  Should I
>add more to the room structure?  add some flags to make it so certain
>rooms are
>not burnable/damagable etc.

Not any help, but what would be the purpose of having a torched (or
whatever) room? Like what would the positive and negtive effects of that
be? Would the shop only be able to sell*some* of their items, or an exit
from a room be impassable? Whats your goal in doing this?


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