Re: QUESTIOn: Dodge & parry (was Mob skills & Guildmaster)

From: oMaT (
Date: 07/12/96

At 5:04 PM 7/12/96, Brian Christopher Guilbault wrote:

>I am in the middle of doing this right now. Infact, RIGHT now :-) The way
>I am doing it is this. For parry, it is a warrior only skill that is
>checked in the hit() function. I am still debating weather or not to let
>them only parry the first attack, or if they can parry all attacks in the
>round (suggestions welcome). I make the probability to dodge equal to the
>skill SKILL_DODGE / 5. This means that parries don't happen that often,
>but I have them do no damage at all if sucessful.
>For dodge, I again make it automatic. All characters have a chance to
>dodge based on their dexterity. But, it's also a warrior skill, so
>warriors can practice it and improve the chance of dodging successfully.
>I asked this same question a few days ago and got several rexponses.
>These are the ideas that I came up with based on the combination of these
>ideas. Parry works great and I'm doing dodge now.

As far as a suggestion, I would say let them parry as much and as often as
they want, (well, probably every other round or something). If you allow
them to continue to parry during the fight it would mean (as I have come to
understand it) they would be parrying more than hitting and the fight would
last longer and longer. Basically until they either decide to stop and just
hit, or run away.

Or, if I have totally missed the point of parrying, and they do get hit..
The scenario works better. Eventually they will either have to fight, or

Hope this help just a smidgen.


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