Re: *NEWBIE* How many bitvectors?

From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/13/96

>  Just one question: what comes after the 'z'?
>  I've added some room bitvectors that check for level and sex, but I'm running
> out of room! I want to add an alignement bitvector and a class bitvector,
> but I don't know what will happen when I reach (1 << 26) in structs.h
>  What lleter (if any) will trigger this bitvector? And which will tiegger 
> the (1 << 27)? And the (1 << 28)?
>   You get the idea :)

Heh heh...I had the same problem.  I was wondering myself.  But I saw it 
once in a snippet of code from circle....a-z, A-F.  You can't go higher 
than 32 (unless your variables have more than 32 bits)

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