Re: Autoeq and SYSERRORS, Again =)

From: John C. A. Bambenek, Esq. (
Date: 07/13/96

I do believe your problem is that you have the code set up so it equips 
the character before it is loaded into the room.  Take a look in the 
autoeq.pl11.patch file, to get the EXACT order of the code, and that 
_should_ fix the problem.

On Sat, 13 Jul 1996 wrote:

> Sorry to bring this back up again, but after tredging  through
> my mail files for 2 hours, I could not find any of the posts.
> Iam getting the SYSERROR of equipping the char when in room nowhere.
> Did anyone ever come up with a good fix for this? I could just ignore
> the errors buy my log files would grow quite large!
> While I'm am sorta on the topic of room nowhere, etc. What changes need
> to be made to save a characters room when they quit, so they load into
> that same room?
> Thanks 4 any help,
> Chuck

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