Autoeq and SYSERRORS, Again =)

From: linebacker (
Date: 07/13/96

Sorry to bring this back up again, but after tredging  through
my mail files for 2 hours, I could not find any of the posts.

Iam getting the SYSERROR of equipping the char when in room nowhere.
Did anyone ever come up with a good fix for this? I could just ignore
the errors buy my log files would grow quite large!

While I'm am sorta on the topic of room nowhere, etc. What changes need
to be made to save a characters room when they quit, so they load into
that same room?
Thanks 4 any help,

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	Well, I've been coding and running a circle MUD for 3 yrs now and 
since I  have not concentrated on Special Procs, I would like to make a 
fool of myself and ask:  Can someone please interpret the arrays used to 
make mobiles more interactive?  Like the Mayor and the Tour Guide 
recently posted?  I can understand that 5 is down 2 is south 0 is north 
etc, but why wouldn't it be as simple as DDSEENR == Down Down South East 
East North Rest?  I'm assuming this array doesn't get parsed by the 
command interpreter.....  I should really look at the code, but way back 
when I started working with circle I looked at it and didn't understand it.

	Well, anyways, thanks in advance,

	- Sean Mountcastle

Sean Mountcastle
The world's as ugly as sin,
And almost as delightful
                - Frederick Locker-Lampson

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