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Date: 07/14/96

On Sun, 14 Jul 1996, Jens Malare wrote:
> Hi all! I've noticed that my zones get an age of 999 sometimes.
> 120 Rome                      Age: 999; Reset:  45 (2); Top: 12099
This is Circle's way of indicating that the zone is just about to reset.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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i'm am putting in demons as a race, and i want it so that demons must
be evil aligned, and if ever they become good, they immediately die ;)
(i know this sounds harsh, but demons have lots of advantages otherwise)

so, are the only ways for align to change by combat or having
an imm set it?
assuming that is the case, i added the following line to my fight.c in
the change_alignment function (after the line that changes the align):

if (IS_DEMON(ch) && IS_GOOD(ch)) raw_kill(ch);

as well as putting a prototype function declaration for raw_kill at
the top of fight.c

so, in order to test it, i created a demon character, and used the set
command to change his align to +1000, and had him fight something (a
fido :)  after the combat, it should call the change_alignment
function, see that the demon is good, and kill it.
only, when the combat ended, it crashed the mud instead :(  with a
'Memory fault' 

i tried putting the check in damage() instead, the line after it
calls the alignment change, but it still crashed.

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