Re: A few probs..

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 07/14/96

> 	Ok, there are a few problems I am having on my mud.  First of
> all, we run an a SunOS machine.  It's fairly large, with 128 megs of ram
> and 2 T-1 connections.  The first problem we are having is that whenever
> we compile, the mud crashes.  How can we compile without the mud crashing
> everytime we do?  It didnt use to crash until we moved to the new site.
> Any ideas?

probably, it doesn't like you overwriting the binary...  compile to a
different name binary and copy it to bin/circle when you shutdown the muds

> 	Second problem is the major one.  For some reason, when you quit
> out, your objects get dropped on the ground instead of crash-saving. I
> tried enabling rent in config.c, but then when you rented, objects,
> whether worn or in inventory, still got dropped on the ground.  I have no
> idea what caused this to happen, because it used to crash-save then all
> of a sudden doesnt.

this is the standard behavior of quit...

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