A few probs..

From: Matthew Ritchey (claw@gatecoms.gatecom.com)
Date: 07/14/96

	Ok, there are a few problems I am having on my mud.  First of 
all, we run an a SunOS machine.  It's fairly large, with 128 megs of ram 
and 2 T-1 connections.  The first problem we are having is that whenever 
we compile, the mud crashes.  How can we compile without the mud crashing 
everytime we do?  It didnt use to crash until we moved to the new site. 
Any ideas?
	Second problem is the major one.  For some reason, when you quit 
out, your objects get dropped on the ground instead of crash-saving. I 
tried enabling rent in config.c, but then when you rented, objects, 
whether worn or in inventory, still got dropped on the ground.  I have no 
idea what caused this to happen, because it used to crash-save then all 
of a sudden doesnt.  
	Third - we are looking for a very experienced CircleMUD coder 
whos looking for a very high imm position, possibly implementor depending 
on how good they are and how often they can logon.

Please reply asap.

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