Re: A few probs..

From: Sammy (
Date: 07/14/96

On Sun, 14 Jul 1996, Matthew Ritchey wrote:

> 	Ok, there are a few problems I am having on my mud.  First of 
> all, we run an a SunOS machine.  It's fairly large, with 128 megs of ram 
> and 2 T-1 connections.  The first problem we are having is that whenever 
> we compile, the mud crashes.  How can we compile without the mud crashing 
> everytime we do?  It didnt use to crash until we moved to the new site. 
> Any ideas?

I've seen this happen under SunOS 2.3, and I think 2.4, though I've seen 
other 2.4 systems that didn't have this problem.  My solution was to add 
the following to autorun immediately after the first while statement:

  if [ -r bin/ ]; then
    mv bin/circle bin/circle.old
    mv bin/ bin/circle

Then edit your Makefile and, and replace all instances of 
bin/circle with bin/  The circle.old file is created so you 
can debug your core.  Rememebr to delete it when you don't need it if 
your space is limited.

This may be caused by an old compiler now that I think of it.  You may 
want to upgrade if possible.


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