Re: Intermud Chat System

From: Darrin Wilson (
Date: 07/16/96

> I would like to know if there is anymore talk about this system which would
> allow muds to interact with each other, possibly even fight in the
> future(mud wars.. cool eh?)  Anyways I heard Billy Chan(Strom) talking all
> exited about it but never did find anymore about it.  I would like to try
> and help in the process of this and convert it to Merc/Envy since I got the
> impression it was only in Circle.  I'm shure noone can say this wouldn't be
> the coolest thing invented for muds if it got done;)
	Sure, I've been working on some code for it. I have a CircleMUD that
connects to the Intermud Network and recieves Intermud tell's.  I've been a
bit busy at work lately and don't get much time after, so its taking a little

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