From: Angela Loos (
Date: 07/16/96

This may be a really stupid question - but can anyone tell me why having 
a statement with a call to the following causes my mud to crash?

#define ENCUMBPER(ch) ( (int) (( CAN_CARRY_W(ch) / IS_CARRYING_W(ch) ) * 

I put this in the utils.h file, (after the definitions of CAN_CARRY and 
IS_CARRYING) and use it to determine a persons encumberance (what percent 
of the amount they can carry is used up). If i include a statement that 
makes a call to this define, (either in utils.h in another define, or in 
act.movement.c), about 5 seconds after i log on with a character, the mud 
crashes, (message: Trace/BPT... core dumped)

The mud will crash even before i move the character in any direction.

I hate to ask this, but i am completely stumped, and have tried to 
determine why this line in particular is causing the crash. (This is 
definately the line causing it. I discovered that after much debugging)

Thanks to anyone that can offer a word of advice :)

Angela Loos
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phone - (573)884-7211

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