Re: rolling for stats

From: Dana Blossom (
Date: 07/17/96

%%well, I want to make it instead of having you roll stats after yer 
%%race/class.. have you roll after race.. <class have no modifiers>, and 
%%then depending on your stats, affects what class you can be.. <i.e. no 
%%clerics with 3 wisdom>.. etc.. but I don't wanna mess with 
%%roll_real_abils function cuz' I don't wanna screw anything up.. :P anyone 
%%got some code/tips on how to do this? I will mess with roll_real_abils.. 
%%but I don't wanna do it like a chicken with it's head cut off.. I wanna 
%%know what I am screwin' with.. well danke in advance.. =)
I did this already, hehe, if you want i will send you a copy of my
roll_real_abils, and there was one more function i had to modify, ummm well if
you want it ill post it all!!

	- Kevin Landwaster - waster of land and many other things.

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First I have taken every zone out of my circle 3.0 bp 11 except 30, 0, and 
All I did was edit the index files and take out special assigns where needed.  
I'm using obuild and I do a zlist rooms and it says there are no rooms, which I 
am walking around in. I was figuring the reason the rooms were not showing up 
is because of the rooms in my zone that were suppost to be connected to other 
rooms, which I have now taken out.. like concourse and middgaard.. midgaard and 
sewers etc.  I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this.

2.  I would like to put in a monetary system of platinum,gold, silver, copper, 
Has anyone done this, or point in me in the right direction?


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