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Date: 07/17/96

At 09:31 AM 7/17/96 -0700, you wrote:
>well, I want to make it instead of having you roll stats after yer 
>race/class.. have you roll after race.. <class have no modifiers>, and 
>then depending on your stats, affects what class you can be.. <i.e. no 
>clerics with 3 wisdom>.. etc.. but I don't wanna mess with 
>roll_real_abils function cuz' I don't wanna screw anything up.. :P anyone 
>got some code/tips on how to do this? I will mess with roll_real_abils.. 
>but I don't wanna do it like a chicken with it's head cut off.. I wanna 
>know what I am screwin' with.. well danke in advance.. =)
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I can't help ya with the reroll, but here is a suggestion.

I have made a macro file in my src directory that runs a full backup to
remote directories on my system (depending on what type of backup I want to do).

After I get a new piece of code working good, I do a 'final backup', which
is src
files that are 100% bug free (to my utmost knowledge). If I ever 'confuck'
term the admins of my mud came up with) my src files, I just copy my src
files from
the final backup spot and recompile, bingo. Back to square 1.

It has saved my ass several times.


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