Mob hunting changes

From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/17/96

I am trying to work on a system where ewhen a mob is hunting a player, 
and a door gets in the way, the mob will a>try and pick the door, b> cast 
a spell to get through the door, or c> just open it.  Any ideas on how to 
do this?  (my mobs will have skills, so it will be a matter of forcing 
the mob to do a command)

Next, I am alkso trying to implement it so that if a mob hits a piece of 
land it can't travel on (water, air, etc) that it will try and get there 
somehow (nothing elaborate as hunting down someeone to buy a boat from, 
but at least spells)  I found that was a problem once when I had 5-6 mobs 
chasing me around the MUD, and I travelled around the Midgaard river, 
they never followed, and never stopped tracking me.  (And having every 
King on the MUD chasing you is kinda fun (Minos, Welmar, Black & White 

Also, a little question about tracking and hunting.  If a mob finds a 
trail to a player with a NOTRACK room in between, does the algorithm 
search for a new route?

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