Prob: Oasis med...

From: Matthew Kalinski (
Date: 07/17/96

Urm i have a simple question to those experienced with oasis
I have Installed oasis a while back, neways I tested it
as did my buolders n it worked..

Then my "building" side of the mud stood idel while some
major code changes were made.. nehow medit died...

Herse the prob..

I cannot make new mobiles.. (or chrash upon save)
Now I can tho edit old ones.. with no probs.. (as far as 
I can c)... neway i suspect this might be coz of the fact that i have 
edited many many structs (but I think i have made sure all r delt
with in db.c)  But i am not too sure.. If 

Neway I think the prob must be in medit_save_internally...
but i cannot find out without a debugger ( i don have dbx or gdb :()
basically i want to know  if ne1 had a similar porb (maybe after changing sttructs)
and how they fixed it .. (i know this is a kind of wild question
but if some1 has had a similar prob n fixed it id love to ask where i should
be looking ... ?? oh well

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