Re: Prob: Oasis med...

From: Limratana (
Date: 07/17/96

On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Matthew Kalinski wrote:

> Hiyas..
> Urm i have a simple question to those experienced with oasis
> I have Installed oasis a while back, neways I tested it
> as did my buolders n it worked..
> Then my "building" side of the mud stood idel while some
> major code changes were made.. nehow medit died...
> Herse the prob..
> I cannot make new mobiles.. (or chrash upon save)
> Now I can tho edit old ones.. with no probs.. (as far as 
> I can c)... neway i suspect this might be coz of the fact that i have 
> edited many many structs (but I think i have made sure all r delt
> with in db.c)  But i am not too sure.. If 
> Neway I think the prob must be in medit_save_internally...
> but i cannot find out without a debugger ( i don have dbx or gdb :()
> basically i want to know  if ne1 had a similar porb (maybe after changing sttructs)
> and how they fixed it .. (i know this is a kind of wild question
> but if some1 has had a similar prob n fixed it id love to ask where i should
> be looking ... ?? oh well
> thnks

Hopefully you don't edit mobs the same way you spell.  :)  j/k  But did 
you edit medit.c and add new fields and things so that you can edit them 
when you make new mobs?  If you didn't medit is probably trying to save 
new mobs in the old format, which probably won't work.

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