Re: Coder Needed

From: Nuku Nuku (
Date: 07/17/96

On Mon, 15 Jul 1996 wrote:

> Me and the other Imms at our MUD need a coder for full/part time duites.
> You will first start off as an immortal, then become a God and so forth.
> Needs to know circle code and has to be willing to accept other's ideas.
> Visit the MUD for further info.

Just for all of you to chuckle at, I actually decided to help these poor 
souls out by coding for them while my machine is down.  I went on, they 
made me level 33 (I laughed at that, but didn't really care.  Let them 
have their ego trips) and gave me account access.

Well, I couldn't even telnet to the machine since they only allow telnets 
from certain domains for security reason.  I said cool, and ftp'd things 
file by file and worked on them, ftp'd back, and had one of them 
compile.  (It's great when you ask what's wrong and they say, Line 377.  
And you say what's wrong with it?  And they say "Im not gonna type all 

Well, i fixed everything from a botched up patch job, and fixed a skill, 
and coded a fun god command, and began to install color when I called it 
a night.

The next day, I login to find my god deleted, and after sticking around 
to find out the real reason (there was a misunderstanding on why) I find 
out that they decided to stick with only the people they knew in real 
life, and their old coder who hadn't done anything in, (from what i 
gathered) weeks.  I logged on and wrote a nasty post, but also explained 
how to remove what I had done to the color code so they didn't have 
thousands of compiler errors.  (Rather nice of me I thought)

I log in later that night, to find my character deleted, as well as the 
other character I had been playing.

It just goes to show that some people are really ungrateful.  I wish them 
luck, but seeing as only one of them has any prior immort experience, I 
don't expect much.


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