Assassin spec extras/fix

From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/18/96

Ok, here's a little fix/addition to notify the person who hired the 
assassin that the assassin either failed or succeded.  If the assassin 
succeeds, they vanish (extracted)  If they fail, they die normally.  
There are obviously a few kinks to be worked out.  There needs to be 
sanity checks before the send_to_char.  I am not sure how to do them, so 
if someone can write some quickies up for me, I would be most 
appreciative (or are the sanity checks built into send_to_char?)

add this after the SET_BIT MOB_MEMORY in the spec

add this to damage() before the die(victim) call
    if ((MOB_FLAGGED(ch, MOB_ASSASSIN)) && (HUNTING(ch) == victim)) {
      send_to_char("The assassin has succeeded.\r\n", HIRED_BY(ch));
    if (MOB_FLAGGED(victim, MOB_ASSASSIN))
      send_to_char("The assassin has failed.\r\n", HIRED_BY(ch));

in structs.h in char_special_data, after *hunting add
    struct char_data *hired_by;

in utils.h add in
  #define HIRED_BY(ch)  ((ch)->char_specials.hired_by)

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