Re: [Circle] PEN ITEM type

From: Alexander van Koppen (
Date: 07/21/96

Hi !

> Can someone tell me what the ITEM_PEN is for? It is
> not needed to write, or anything else I have seen.
> If there is no use for it, I think I will use it for my
> spell/potion componenets.

It, together with ITEM_NOTE (ITEM_PAPER?) is used to write
notes (bits of paper that can be dropped/collected/... in
the mud, not the ones you write to others...). So if you
make an item (say a pen), and a note (or rather, lots of
'em), you can write something on the note with the pen, and
drop it, give it to someone,...
(e.g. to map a maze... ('already went north here').)

Only thing missing is an eraser, as paper, once written on,
cannot be reused (or maybe a recycling basket...).

See ya !

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