Re: Push Command

From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/22/96

>   I don't quite think that was the intention..if I read it right, he was 
> saying that a push command would be no more than looking at what force 
> does by giving a person a certain command and making them do it, so, when 
> someone pushed at someone else, a minor version force would be in that, 
> enabling them to give command of only the directions..
> so
> push soandso north
> would in a way be just the same as 
> force soandso north

True...but unlike god commands, this one could be made to have 
reprocussions.  I seem to remember some talk of it being aggresive 
actions, so that if you push a mob, it may just come back to attack you.

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