Verifying Teleport Room

From: Demetrius Harris (ldh1@Archive.MsState.Edu)
Date: 07/23/96

Okay, I implemented the teleport code, i got it to complete with no 
errors or warnings.

Question: When I do a room edit i have additional menu choice, but the 
	  setting for the optiions don't change no matter what is supposely
          set them to such as the NOBITS for Tele-Flags remain NOBITS even if
          i select a valid bit.
          Likewise 2*10 seconds never changes for Tele-Freq

Cometics: When i select Tele-Flags and get the submenu
          ^[[H^[[J 1) ForceLook appears on the screen color is not select.

Thanks In Advance

Shame - [SliceMUD]

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I have installed the code to combine multiple objects when looking and peeking 
at their inventory.  I want to also add the same type of code when you drop 
all.. or get all or give all .. or give all.bread etc.  I would like to say, 
'You give 4 waybreads to jimbob.'  and to the room, 'Joe gives 4 waybreads to 
jimbob.'  Same with remove all,
'You remove all your equipment.'  I think you guys get the idea.  I wonder if 
anyone has implemented this and would like to share the code or point me in the 
right direction.  I think the mud has enough spam as it is, this should greatly 
reduce the amout of spam people see.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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