Re: Windows 95 editor

From: malcor (
Date: 07/23/96

Good luck , i do not beleive there is ANY editor for win because MSDOS 
adds the ^m after line regardless, I got around this by d/l mini-linux from
the sunsite ftp
with this you just unzip it to the dir and type "Linux" there is no need 
for repartitioning and it is a fast way of editing code :)


P.S sorry to get off the subject but it really is worth it for all the 
coders out there that have to use dos. :)

P.S.S. I have also found that if you write it in dos and select it , cut 
and paste it in unix that you lose the ^m char but it is a pain in th arse.

On Mon, 22 Jul 1996, David Hofmann wrote:

> I have a Sparc 2 that I am running Circle Mud, but I do most of my work from home on PC with windows 95, is 
> the a editor that I can get for windows 95 that is ethier made for writing Mud code ? or atleast on that uses 
> Control J's instead of Control M's ?
> David

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